Elements of Science and Art

nam a22 7a 4500
230307b1808 ii d00 0 tam d
_ _ |a 39974
_ _ |a IN-ChTVA |d IN-ChTVA
0 _ |a Imison, John
0 0 |a Elements of Science and Art :|b1 being a familiar introduction to natural philosophy and chemistry together with their application to a variety of elegant and useful arts |c by John Imison |n Vol. 1
_ _ |a London |b Cadell and Davies |c 1808
_ _ |a ix, 581 p. [25] leaves of plates.
_ _ |a In English
_ 0 |a Science
0 _ |a சரபோஜி மன்னர் தொகுப்பு # Centre of gravity, Mechanical powers, Wheel and axle, Lever and screw, Compound machines, Motion by fly wheels, Horse power, Mill work, Condensed air, Air pump, Air gun, Hydrometer, Steam engine, Hydraulics, Spectacles, Microscopes, Telescopes, History of electricity, Electrical battery, Animal electricity, Galvanism, Theory of magnetism
_ _ |8 சரசுவதி மகால் நூலகம் |8 caracuvati makāl nūlakam
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