The extraordinary black book : an exposition of the United Church of England and Ireland; civil list and crown revenues; incomes, privileges and power, of the aristocracy; Privy Council, diplomatic, and consular establishments; law and judicial administration; representation and prospects of reform under the new ministry; profits, influence, and monopoly of the bank of England and East-India company, with strictures on the renewal of their charters; debt and funding system ; salaries, fees and emoluments in courts of justice, public offices, and colonies; list of pluralists, placemen, pensioners, and Sinecurists; the whole corrected from the latest official returns, and presenting a complete view of the expenditure, patronage, influence and abuses of the government in church, state, law, and representations


Wade, John


London : Effingham Wilson , 1831

வடிவ விளக்கம்

xx, 576 p.

துறை / பொருள்

Social Science

குறிச் சொற்கள்

Church of England , Church of Ireland , Crown revenues , Aristocracy

MARC வடிவம் பார்க்க மேற்கோள் பார்க்க

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